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Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras are SLR Magic lenses compatible with?
SLR Magic lenses are compatiable with a variety of camera systems. You should make sure you order the correct mount type for the camera system you use.

Supported Camera systems

Sony Alpha NEX SLR Magic E-mount lenses
Canon EOS SLR Magic EF mount lenses
Leica M SLR Magic LM and M mount lenses
Blackmagic Design SLR Magic mFT mount lenses
Olympus SLR Magic mFT mount lenses
Panasonic SLR Magic mFT mount lenses
Fuji SLR Magic X mount lenses
Pentax SLR Magic Q mount lenses

When will lenses for other mounts be released?
While other mounts are under consideration, currently we are only developing products for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount. You can follow us on twitter for future product announcements.

Where are SLR Magic lenses manufactured?
The HyperPrime lenses are manufactured in China and Japan. Lenses are calibrated and assembled in Hong Kong.

Does the lens support automatic focusing?
No, the lens is a fully manual design.

Does the lens cover the whole image sensor, and is there any vignetting?
Yes, the lens covers the entire image sensor, and does not produce any vignetting.

What is the warranty provided?
SLR Magic lenses come with a limited 1 year warranty. The limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of our products. See full warranty terms below.

Warranty Policy:

SLR Magic lenses come with a limited 1 year warranty. The limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of our products.

Warranty period begins on date of purchase. Warranty is non-transferable; products not purchased directly from SLR Magic or SLR Magic approved affiliates do not qualify for warranty coverage.
The customer shall be responsible for paying shipping charges required to return products to SLR Magic for warranty repair.

What is NOT covered by our warranty:
1) Problems resulting from accidents, abuse, or misuse.
2) 3rd-party servicing not authorized by Noktor
3) Water damage
4) Sand damage
5) Scratches to the lens or body that occur as part of normal use

Refund Policy:

Money Back Guarantee
All merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned within fourteen (14) days from the original invoice date for a refund. A return authorization number is required for all returns, and can be received by sending a request to A 20% service fee will apply due to costs from shipping and payments. These terms apply to all refunds. Customers must notify merchant of any order discrepancy within three (3) days from the invoice date so that we may investigate and resolve the situation accordingly. Products must be returned in original unopened packing. Discontinued lenses will not be accepted for credit or exchange. SLR Magic will not assume responsibility for lenses returned for credit via a non-traceable delivery service. For your protection please send returns via a service through which you can obtain proof of delivery, we recommend USPS First Class mail with registered tracking. Orders may not be cancelled once made as most of our lenses are made by order and our lens makers have been working on the lenses since the moment the order is made.


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